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This is the hands down the easiest way you can rework vintage or up-cycle secondhand Tee or Sweatshirt with these few steps. At the end of the day its a great way to make any top look vintage, the Crop Top. A style that has been a classic for generations. Nothing shows summer is here like this breezy and easy flowing style. Crop tops for women, mens crop tops, crop top hoodies, cropped tanks, even Disney crop tops, any style can sport cute crop tops.

Great for a day spent at the beach as a coverup top for a bathing suit. This is something you create in minutes with any style of tee or even a cropped tank top. A shirt with a hole or rip in the bottom that you want to still wear, this is such an easy way to give it a new life.

All you need to make your crop top is a marker or tailors chalk, a strong hard surface to cut on, and a roller fabric cutter or scissor. If using a scissor make sure it is very sharp. You also need to decide how long you want your Crop Top to be. This will depend on the outfit you are pairing it with or your personal style.

Crop Tops look great with high-waisted shorts, skirts, and pants. There are so many ways to wear them and style them to create a look that is all your own. So get creative and have fun with it!

How to CROP TOP steps:

1. Start with any tee or sweatshirt.

2. Find where you want to cut off at the bottom of the shirt. Use your tailors chalk to mark off a line to cut.

3. Against a hard surface roll your cutter on the line you made. Make sure to press firmly to cut the front and back of the shirt.

4. Pull and stretch the cut bottom. This helps prevent the crop from fraying or rolling up.

Now you have a new crop top that is perfect for any summe